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Joker MasterCard® – Your day-to-day Prepaid MasterCard®

The Joker MasterCard® is a great alternative to traditional debit or credit cards. Make sure you have enough funds on your card and you can use it to shop safely at your favourite places online and in store, to pay your bills, to pay for your travel expenses when you are abroad and even more!

JMC_Sparmax With your Joker MasterCard® you are in control and you will not get into debt. This means that you will also save on overdraft fees and interest rates.

Are you looking for a safe, quick and easy payment solution? Joker MasterCard® is your answer!

Joker Online MasterCard® – The card you need for your online purchases

Are you a concious online shoppers who prefer not to use your debit or credit cards linked to your bank account? The Joker Online MasterCard® is the answer. You can use it to shop safely at your favourite places online. Load only the amount you want to spend online.

JOMC With your Joker Online MasterCard® you are in control of what you are spending.

Put your mind at rest when purchasing online - Use your Joker Online MasterCard®!

Joker MasterCard® Gift Card – The Perfect Gift!

Choosing the perfect gift is always a headache. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other celebration, most people prefer a prepaid gift card to a more traditional gift of equal value.

JMGC Choose a Joker MasterCard® Gift Card to give the perfect gift! The person receiving the gift can use the card wherever they want.