Smart Your wise choice

Why a Joker MasterCard?

The Joker MasterCard® combines the convenience of a credit or debit card, but allows you to spend only what you have loaded on the card. The card is available to everyone, regardless of credit rating or income and represents a great and safer alternative to cash.

Perfect to travel

There is nothing worse than being on holiday and discovering that your holiday budget has been exceeded. With your Joker MasterCard® you only use the amount you load on the card. You have complete spending control. Order your Joker MasterCard® and start enjoying a worry-free holiday. 

Use wherever you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark

Online, on the high street, in restaurants, making cash withdrawals from ATMs. You can use your Joker MasterCard® wherever you see the trusted MasterCard® Acceptance Mark, anywhere in the World.

No credit check required

The Joker MasterCard® it’s easy to get. 

If you are 18 or over and EEA resident, you can have a Joker MasterCard®. It's a prepaid MasterCard, not a credit or debit card, so we don't have to carry out credit checks. All we need are your personal details. However, you will still need to provide an acceptable proof of identity. 

No Schufa Checks

People with low or irregular income often can't get a credit card. For them the Joker prepaid MasterCard® is the perfect solution, since no Schufa information is required!

The Joker Prepaid MasterCard® is not registered with SCHUFA, therefore your credit card application will be processed without further credit check. You can get the Joker MasterCard® even with a negative credit rating, since no proof of income is required.

You can't get into debt

As there's no credit facility you cannot get into debt.

You're in control

A Joker MasterCard® means you simply load your money first, then you're free to spend the balance and top it back up to suit your needs. With the Joker MasterCard® Website, you can easily check your current balance and transactions. You can also set a low balance alert which will notify you via SMS whenever your Joker MasterCard® balance is lower than the threshold. 

Yes, with your Joker MasterCard® you can easily manage your money - just the way money management should be!

More Convenient and Safer than Cash

You do not have to fumble for cash when making purchases and you can use your card to shop online.
If your card is lost or stolen, you can block the card and protect your money. Moreover, the chip and PIN card protects you from fraud. You cannot say that about cash.

Simple to load

Loading money and topping-up your Joker MasterCard® could not be easier or more convenient. You can top up your Joker MasterCard® anytime with a AufladeCard or a bank transfer.